Greg Seibert - Professional Drone Pilot

I am a part 107 sUAS pilot. I am about to earn my Sport Pilot Certificate and will continue to become a Private Pilot.

I love all things that fly and love flying all sorts of things. Ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated by aeronautics. From paper airplanes, to dime-store balsa wood rubber band powered gliders, I wanted to fly them all.

During my teenage years I discovered the delight of control line as well as marvelling at those who were able pilot using "Radio Signals" (as I could not yet afford RC gear) Awesome!!!

After finishing college and starting my software engineering career, I had enough disposable income to get into flying R/C. I started with 2m sailplanes and slope soaring. I built a gas-powered ultralight model and flew that around a bit. Additionally, I've built a Pitt's S-2A aerobatic biplane and have a Cessna Centurion in the queue.

Eventually with LiPo and cobalt magnets, electric power became a legitimate competitor to Nitro fuel. Far less messy and much quieter.

Then I discovered Helicopters. Nothing like being able to take off and land in one's backyard. I started off spending the better part of a year flying, crashing, and rebuilding a Blade 300X. I built the Trex 450 seen above, but waited until I was confident I would not crash it. I've only had to replace the blades on that one once.

Along came the advent of quadcopters that essentially fly themselves. My first quad was a Blade 350QX. That's so easy to fly and I could hang my GoPro beneath it and take videos. How cool was that? I experimented with FPV a bit by putting a transmitter and small camera where the GoPro mounts, but wasn't really happy with the results. Yea, I could essentially see FPV, but the camera was fixed direction.

That's when I got a DYI quad kit from 3DR and went to town. I got a Tarot gimbal to keep the camera level and, with an extra transmitter channel, can pan up and down. I love to give people "virtual rides". "Here. Put on these goggles and have fun."

Now, there is this nascent industry emerging using UAS for business. Everything from taking pictures, helping first responders, inspecting things that would be dangerous to send a human to do, among many other applications. I attend Drone World Expo in San Jose every year.

With any luck, I can find my dream job being a test pilot or helping public safety organizations with an "eye in the sky" more rapidly and for far less money than it costs today where they use a multimillion dollar helicopter.

If anyone would like to avail themselves of my services, please contact me.
Thanks for reading.